What We Do

Investment Property Management

The Ridley Thaw property management team ensures you always have a safe pair of hands looking after your property asset. Always attentive, never asleep at the wheel and always staying ahead of property management issues or lease events to ensure we maximise your cashflow and investment value.

Investment Agency

Whether you’re a Trust, Property Company or Private Investor, Ridley Thaw have a proven track record of acquiring and disposing of property assets and working alongside our loyal clients to achieve favourable outcomes.

Landlord & Tenant

Generally considered to be the backbone of everything we do at Ridley Thaw and it is this knowledge, that often keeps us one step ahead of the competition. We advise on every aspect of the landlord & tenant battlefield, so whether it’s a landlord wanting to retain a tenant and to increase the rent at a lease renewal or a tenant looking to leverage their covenant strength at a pending lease event to obtain a favourable rent, we will always have the right approach.

Dilapidations & Condition Reports

Whether you are entering a lease for the first time and need a schedule of condition attaching to your lease to limit your repairing liability or you are a seasoned landlord wishing to protect your investment by insuring your exiting tenant reinstates the property at the end of the lease, we’ve done them over and over again for both sides; constantly knowing when to push for our clients in this contentious arena.

Business Rates & Property Taxation

Often overlooked by landlords and tenants alike, Ridley Thaw constantly surprise our clients with substantial savings, whether it’s from an audit, an appeal, an exemption or even a bespoke mitigation strategy.

Real Estate Agency

Whatever the property type, whether it’s industrial, office, trade counter, showroom, retail or land, we will buy, sell, rent, lease, acquire, develop and dispose. We’ve done it all and love to get involved.

Valuation & Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCA)

With our qualified RICS Registered Valuers, this is another important part of the Ridley Thaw tool kit for all purposes of valuation from loan security, pension fund, financial reporting and probate. In addition, as valuers first and foremost, we are constantly aware of the increasing cost of construction and this knowledge has resulted in many client’s being underinsured and therefore, we are proactively approaching clients to revisit values with our team as a matter of urgency.

Compulsory Purchase, Compensation and HS2

Often a forgotten field, Ridley Thaw has continued to offer CPO and compensation advice to clients finding themselves approached by an acquiring authoritiy wishing to undertake a comprehensive redevelopment, a road improvement scheme where land is required or more recently, HS2. We are here to help.